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How do I obtain a copy of the corpus?

1. First read this FAQ, as questions about the type of license you would like might be answered here.
2. Download the license agreement from here. Follow the instructions at the END of the agreement.
3. Follow the instructions on the registration page.

A project member will give you access soon after these steps are completed. Please note that the corpus is intended for research purposes only. Individuals affiliated with universities and industry will be provided a copy. If you think you qualify but do not fit into one of these categories, register and be sure to describe why an exception should be made and how you intend to use the corpus.

If multiple individuals in the same institution want to use the corpus, does each person need to have a license?

If the head of a laboratory (e.g., director, PI, faculty member) completes the license agreement, then all members of that lab can use the corpus. Each lab must have its own license. Department-wide or institution-wide licenses are not allowed. See also Can I place the corpus on a server so that others can easily access it?

Can I use the corpus in classes that I teach?

Yes. We encourage its use in teaching. The faculty member teaching the course must complete the license agreement. If the course is being taught by a graduate student or other type of instructor, then the faculty person in charge of the course must complete the license agreement. See also Can I place the corpus on a server so that others can easily access it?

Can I place the corpus on a server so that others can easily access it?

If the corpus is placed on a server, then access must be password protected so that only members of the lab or class can access the corpus. Under no circumstances must it be accessible by a larger group of individuals, such as all members of a department, institution, or the general public. If restricted access cannot be provided or guaranteed, then the corpus should not be placed on a server.

Whom should I contact with questions?

Check the manual (under Publications). Many of your questions may be answered there. For questions about the license agreement, contact Lisa Wilkosz at psych.service@osu.edu. Because the funding period for this project has ended, technical support regarding the corpus is no longer available.

What should I do if I cannot fax the license agreement?

Either send it by regular post to the address listed in section 16.7 of the license agreement or scan the completed license and email a pdf version to anderson.1137@osu.edu.

How should the corpus be cited?

The corpus should be cited as follows:
Pitt, M.A., Dilley, L., Johnson, K., Kiesling, S., Raymond, W., Hume, E. and Fosler-Lussier, E. (2007) Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech (2nd release) [www.buckeyecorpus.osu.edu] Columbus, OH: Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Distributor).
buckeye leaf ©2005 Department of Psychology