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Buckeye Corpus

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The Buckeye Speech Corpus

The Buckeye Corpus of conversational speech contains high-quality recordings from 40 speakers in Columbus OH conversing freely with an interviewer. The speech has been orthographically transcribed and phonetically labeled. The audio and text files, together with time-aligned phonetic labels, are stored in a format for use with speech analysis software (Xwaves and Wavesurfer). Software for searching the transcription files is currently being written. The corpus is FREE for noncommercial uses.

This project is funded by the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders and the Office of Research at Ohio State University.

The corpus is FREE for noncommercial uses

1) Go here for instructions on how to obtain a copy of the corpus.
2) Learn about the corpus here.

Image contributors:
Joyce Chen, Heather Daly, Prachiti Garge, Lauren Garner, Boxianzi Ling, Jessica Walczak, Songping Xu, Annie Zhou